Our Work

Hundreds of individuals and organizations stepped up to help following the September 2013 flood event.  

Help came in many forms – money, time, effort, food, shelter, clothing and even back breaking labor.  Because of that initial help, no lives were lost and there were no reported injuries. The help that came allowed for the basic immediate needs of families to be taken care of in a time of great loss and uncertainty.  

Now, months following the flood, needs have changed but are no less great than they were September 13, 2013. Recovery is a long and tedious process that doesn’t have an easily identifiable “end date”. Weld Recovers is working on many levels to continue to provide the help that is still needed. It’s a complex process that uncovers new needs on a regular basis. And needs shift as recovery moves forward. Weld Recovers will be in place as long as it needs to be in order to truly reach a new level of safety and stability for our community.

Weld Recovers can use help in two important ways – donations and volunteer work.