The advocacy committee exists to give a voice to each unique group affected by the floods and is working in collaboration with all other committees to fill resource gaps.


Crisis Counseling

The Crisis Counseling Program (CCP) assists individuals and communities in recovering from the effects of natural and human-caused disasters through the provision of community-based outreach and psycho-educational services.  CCP is strengths based, outreach oriented, conducted in non-traditional settings, anonymous and designed to strengthen existing community support systems.  CCP Weld Colorado Spirit outreach teams works directly with the faith-based community on this subcommittee to provide spiritual care following a disaster, which kindle important capacities of hope and resilience in the long-term recovery process.

Case Management

The communications committee is tasked with creating and sharing messages that will help flood survivors on their road to recovery. The primary responsibility of the communications committe is to share the most important details regarding long-term recovery efforts in Weld County. This website and the Colorado Spirit facebook page are the 2 most timely communication channels. 

Unmet Needs

The Unmet Needs committee has the responsibility to assure funds donated to Weld Recovers are properly distributed to individuals and families impacted by the Weld County floods.  Funds will be distributed based on priorities as directed by the executive committee and recommendations by case management.  The committee will also coordinate additional fundraising efforts.

Volunteer Management

This committee works with other Weld Recovers committees and the community to coordinate the efforts of volunteer resources to help Weld County flood survivors recover.  The committee will recruit and schedule volunteer teams, assist in locating appropriate volunteer housing and help to provide hospitality to the volunteers.