American Red Cross
Colorado Flood Recovery


The American Red Cross is committed to helping individuals and communities with their flood recovery efforts. Our priority is meeting essential basic needs through a combination of resources and referrals. We focus on ensuring that you have food, water and clothing, in addition to a safe place to stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get Red Cross help?

A: Our trained caseworkers will evaluate your case and make a determination based on your unique circumstances. Please call 888-635-6381. Leave a message and a caseworker will call you back.

Q: What kind of help can the Red Cross provide?

A: The Red Cross may be able to help you with the assistance listed below:

• Cisterns/Cistern refill or associated costs

• Gas

• Heating units/propane

• Beds/Mattresses

• Rental/Security Assistance

• Mold Remediation

• Emotional Support

• Referrals’

Q: How do you determine if I qualify for Red Cross assistance?

A: The assistance we provide is determined on a case-by-case basis, based on your disaster-caused needs and access to comprehensive resources. Call our hotline at 888-635-6381 for specific information and help with resources, which may include non-financial assistance.

Q: In addition to individual assistance, how else is the Red Cross spending the remaining flood funds?

A: We believe that an efficient way to make use of limited funds is to invest in community projects that will increase local capacity and resiliency. The Red Cross is collaborating with local leaders and organizations in your community to provide support in the form of materials, expertise, guidance, training and/or financial assistance for community recovery projects.

To get help call us at 888-635-6381. Leave a message and a case worker will call you back