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Weld Recovers is the long-term, community recovery committee working to address the ongoing needs of flood victims throughout the county.


Weld Recovers Represents more than just the name of the group helping Weld County recover, it is a declaration of hope and optimism and a testament to the mindset of the countless volunteers from local businesses, faith -based organizations and non-profits who are working together to expedite the recovery efforts in Weld County.

Anyone impacted by the flood should connect with Weld Recovers by calling 970-590-8401, so we can assist individuals with identifying and finding the best methods for meeting the unmet, long-term flood recovery needs.


WatchThe Evans Flood Story here.

Weld Recovers and Colorado Spirit are working collaboratively to assist anyone impacted by the September 2013 flood. We hope you find the information, resources and details regarding long-term recovery being shared or disseminated by both of these agencies to be valuable.


Weld Recovers is a community partnership led by United Way of Weld County.